Our Crew

Current Stars


Ridley: Ch. Jalerran’s Beautiful Chaos

Victor Creed: Ch. Jalerran’s Origins 

Morpheus: Ch. Matrix Jalerran Nariz de Nieve (retired)

Stella: Ch. Huskavarna’s Diamond Girl

Puppies/Future Stars:

  • “Yeti” – Jalerran’s Everest
  • “Doll”:  Ru Jr Ch. Snow Symphony Now & Forever

Co-Owned: (But Living with Others)

Co-Owned Champions:

  • Ch. Remy:  Resides with Shamokin Siberians
    • Ch. Jalerran’s Gambit
    • Ch. Player x Ch. Stella
  • Gr Ch. Nadia: Resides with Dancing Winds Siberians
    • Ch. Player x Ch. Sofi
  • Aeris: Resides with Howling Willows Siberians (UKC ptd)
    • Ch. Player x Ch. Ridley
  • Siren: Resides with Howling Willows Siberians (AKC pointed)
    • Ch. Morpheus x Moon
  • Reagan: Resides with the Mirawaldt Family
    • Ch. Victor x Ch. Lena
  • Poppy: Resides with the Catanzarite Family (AKC pointed)
    • Jalerran’s Justice League
    • Ch. Storm x Ch. Pixie
  • UKC BIS Ch. Kunik: Resides with the Buckles Family
    • Ch. Player x Ch. Lena
  • Kitty” – Jalerran’s Last Stand (major ptd) – resides with Brooke Sebastian
    • Ch. Victor X Moon
  • Aria” – Jalerran’s Queen of the Night – resides with Rebecca Cao
    • Ch. Morpheus X Ch. Stella

Owned by Others:

  • Lila:  Multi-Ch. Jalerran’s Beautiful Darkness – “Lila June”
  • Alai – Eu Ch. Jalerran’s Armageddon
  • Boss – Jalerran’s Boss Nariz de Nieve
  • Neo – Jalerran’s Reloaded de Nariz de Nieve
  • Cody – Multi-Eu Ch. Jalerran’s Severus Snap Anrus House
  • Sorin – Ch. Jalerran’s Brown-Eyed Girl
  • Hunter – Ch. Jalerran’s Wicca Chanuck Hunter


Lena: Ch. Jalerran’s Beautiful Creatures

Player: Ch. Black Jack Speigas

Victor: Ch. Huskavarna’s Medaglia D’Oro

“Ivy” :  Santana Brilliant White Diamond

Brendan’s Girl: Ch. Kristari’s Winter is Coming to Jalerran

Malina“:  Eu Jr Ch. Pandora Anrus House

On Custodial-Ownership Agreements (But living in Pet Homes)

Registration remains in our name.

Oakley: Jalerran’s Thor (Ch. Morpheus x Ch. Sofi)
Balian: Jalerran’s Kingdom of Heaven (Ch. Harry x Taylor)

  • “Raven”:  Jalerran’s Raven (AKC pointed)