Purchasing Policies & Buying Requirements

How do I purchase a Jalerran Siberian Husky? Please read through all of the following information! If you are willing to adhere to our purchasing policies and would like to begin the application process, please complete our Application Questionnaire.

We strive to produce puppies of exceptional quality. Our dogs are registered with the AKC, and we follow a very selective breeding program that emphasizes health, temperament, and conformation – in that order.

  1. What is the difference between a Backyard Breeder and a Reputable Breeder?
    Our ‘bare minimum’ requirements for someone to be reputable are as follows:

    1. Do something with the dogs other than just breed them (conformation, agility, obedience, therapy, field trials, sledding, weight pulls, etc.)
    2. Health screenings on the parents (OFA/CERF or ACVO)
    3. Written Health Guarantee – Anything less than 36 months is a waste of time because many health problems won’t show up until after two years of age.
    4. Extensive screening procedures for buyers and spay/neuter requirements for pets. Anyone who is in a big hurry to sell you a dog and does not ask lots of questions is not reputable. And anyone who sells dogs for breeding purposes to “just anyone”? is not reputable.
    5. Reputable breeders do not breed for coat or eye color.
    6. Ethical breeders take their offspring back if needed.  If it isn’t the type of place you’d want your pet to go if you were incapacitated, you may want to reconsider the source.

    For additional information regarding the differences between back-yard breeders and reputable breeders, or pet quality versus show quality dogs and puppies, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  2. In what activities do your dogs participate?
    We think it is important for people do to more than just breed their dogs. Our dogs are shown in conformation. We have three children, full time jobs, and continuing education…and we still show our dogs. We feel it is important for others who chose to breed their dogs to participate in some sort of competitive activity with their dogs in an attempt to give something back to this wonderful breed, and truly learn and apply the breed standard.
  3. What are your purchasing requirements?
    1. The purchaser must be educated about the breed.

      Siberians are not the best breed for everyone. Our breed characteristics page is a good place to start:

    2. Pet puppies must be spayed/neutered before registration papers will be forwarded.
    3. We are very proud of both the quality our dogs, and the quality of the homes into which they are placed. We place our pet pups only with loving, caring families that have been educated about all aspects of the breed. Potential buyers must be willing to train and take responsibility for their puppy, and provide a clean, happy, healthy and permanent home, preferably with a securely fenced yard. All family members must be in agreement about the decision to adopt a puppy and adhere to our purchasing policies. Above all, the puppy must be a part of the family and be treated accordingly.
    4. We’re happy to provide any advice and support that may be needed as you adjust to life with your new family member, and we enjoy staying in touch with our pups and their new families. We require that pet owners update us at least once per year on progress and any health or behavioral concerns, preferably with pictures.

      We’ve provided information on our Info page for assistance with housebreaking on our breed traits page.

    5. We sincerely hope that all of our puppy placements are permanent, but in the unfortunate event that the new owners are unable to keep it, we require that the dog/puppy be returned to us at the owner’s expense, or that we assist in finding a suitable home. If a home is available with a friend or a family member, that would be alright as long as we’re informed of the transfer.  However, dogs/puppies should not be re-sold or surrendered to an animal shelter.
  4. What kind of health clearances are performed on your dogs?The health and well-being of our dogs is very important to us. Our dogs are regularly examined by our veterinarian, and receive OFA hip screenings around two years of age, ACVO/CERF eye screenings typically on an annual basis, and show no signs of hereditary disorders. Thyroid panels are periodically performed, though usually not necessary. Genetic testing is done to rule out Polyneuropathy and Shaking Puppy Syndrome.  From time to time, we’ve gotten dogs older than 2 years, upon which hip screenings may not yet have been performed; however, in those cases, they will get done, and their backgrounds and production records will have been clear of any indications of HD.
    OFFA Website
  5. When are your puppies ready to go to their new homes?
    Puppies are generally sold around 8-9 weeks of age. The earliest, by law, that they can leave is 8 weeks. However, we may hold them until 10-12 weeks if we are evaluating show quality or if there is a possible health concern.
  6. What do your puppies “have” when they leave?
    Puppies are vet-checked, vaccinated, and de-wormed before they are placed with their new families. They come with a veterinary certificate of health and our guarantee. We firmly stand behind the health and temperament of our dogs, and offer a comprehensive 5 year health replacement guarantee as detailed in our sales contract covering hip dysplasia, eyes for blindness, and any other life-threatening genetic defect. Show dogs have a different length of guarantee, and the contract includes other clauses for show quality and breeding.Please visit our FORMS PAGE in the drop down menu above in order to review the contracts.

    (Note: we will no longer sell puppies or dogs to any show homes, without a co-ownership, unless we have already successfully worked with you)!

  7. Do you sell your puppies to anyone who inquires?
    No. A puppy is a big commitment for the purchaser and us. We spend a lot of time, energy, and money in every attempt to produce beautiful, healthy, and well-bred puppies, so we are very selective on the homes into which they are placed.

    An online application questionnaire can be completed here on our website.

  8. How should I inquire about a puppy?
    An email or telephone call would be wonderful. However, please tell us a little about yourself. We, so often, receive messages that simply say – “How much are gray males running??”. Please provide information about where you live, why you want a Siberian, and what your plans are for raising your puppy!

    We also have an application questionnaire for prospective puppy purchasers that will begin the application process.

  9. What is your deposit policy? What is your price?
    Most people who send us a deposit do so because they have met our dogs and are impressed with the guarantee. In order to hold a place in the order of puppy picks, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required. It is applied towards the purchase price, which can vary, depending upon the length of the health guarantee included in the contract.  $1,400 = no health guarantee.  $1,700 = 2 year health guarantee (hips/eyes/genetic).  Or $2,000 (for pets or show) with a 5 year health guarantee.  The remaining balance is then $100 less when you pick up your puppy, less your deposit. We send out puppy pictures via email, generally on a weekly basis. The photos are not meant to serve as a means for you to select a puppy. Final evaluations for show potential around 8 weeks of age, but may require additional time in some cases. Some puppies will remain here, and others may go to show homes. Once those placements are determined, the puppies that weren’t selected for show homes will be made available to the homes seeking pets in the order that the deposits were received. However, the temperament and disposition of each puppy is considered in relation to the types of homes they may be going. Final placements are at our discretion. Also, we request that people with high ranking deposits schedule their pick up times early, as we cannot delay letting others who are ‘lower’ on the deposit list select simply because we cannot arrange an agreeable pick up time. We try to accommodate coat color preferences as much as possible; however, if you are offered puppies that do not suit what you are looking for, you are not required to take one at that time. You are welcome to wait for a future litter that may contain your preference. Your deposit would move up in the order once people above you had selected their puppies, but will not be refunded.
    Bell ThemThe purchase price for show puppies in the US, leaving around 8 weeks, is $1,400, and may entail a co-ownership + terms for $1,000.  The purchase price for show puppies going overseas is $1,400 at 8 weeks + $100 / week until they can leave, if puppies must be kept until they are old enough to pass Customs requirements. Unless we have already successfully worked with you, we will opt to remain on the registration in an effort to ensure that the dog does not get resold. References will be required and checked. One half of the estimated total purchase and shipping price ($1,400 minimum) is the deposit amount required to reserve a puppy for overseas. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser and must be paid in advance of the flight.  Show prospect puppies, over the age of 6 months, would begin in price at $4500 USD.  Although we rarely have adults available for sale, the price for an adult show dog would vary, depending upon numerous factors, including show worthiness, pedigree, training/experience, clearances, etc.  If we have any adults available, it will be noted on our ‘Available Adults’ page.

    Note: Despite having successfully exported numerous top-winning dogs to overseas countries without difficulty, due to a recent unsettling issue, where the purchaser hired a company to oversee travel arrangements, we will no longer be exporting to any country that involves a quarantine restriction.  Sorry – it’s just too cumbersome.

  10. What if I want something specific in terms of coat color and eye color?
    If you will settle for nothing less than, for example, a light red, open-faced, amber-eyed female…. then don’t send us a deposit. We can’t guarantee that we will have a puppy that meets that description in any given litter, and even if we do, if she is a show puppy, we may be keeping her. Our primary focuses when breeding a litter are the health, temperament, and conformation of our dogs. Eye and coat color are the last of our concerns. We do not begrudge anyone for having preferences – we have our own … but we cannot promise to accommodate those preferences, especially not under any kind of time constraint.
  11. Where are your puppies raised?
    Puppies live in our kitchen and laundry room. They are well socialized with the help of our 3 children. Some of our adult dogs are house broken; however, when puppies are born, they are ‘in and out’ depending on the disposition of mother of the litter.
  12. Do you ship your puppies in the U.S? Do you ship your puppies overseas?
    Although shipping within the US is an option, it is not our preference. We have had people drive from Alaska and fly in from Florida in order to escort their puppies home. We have, ourselves, purchased puppies and had them shipped by air. The trip can be somewhat stressful for them, depending on many factors. Shipping and crates are an added expense for the purchaser. And then, the purchaser does not get to meet the parents of the puppies nor see how they were raised. But, we will ship if there are no other alternatives, under certain criteria. Or, we have sometimes accompanied a puppy for the flight (again, at the expense of the purchaser). For overseas inquiries, obviously, shipping is the only option, so serious show inquiries would be considered in such cases.  Shipping within the US for freight, health certificate, transport and crate usually costs around $450.00.  Shipping outside of the country varies, obviously, but a round-about estimate on a 4 month old puppy is at least $850.00 for the freight.  * Health certificate, additional vaccinations, and other related fees are additional.  Travel with a ‘nanny’ is preferred over freight.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: At the end of 2013, in response to complaints from people who had been taken advantage of by puppy mills and scammers, the federal government amended the AWA to require that puppies for pet and exhibition cannot be purchased sight-unseen. So, we can still ship your puppy after 8 weeks of age; however, you will have to have seen the puppy in person before that can occur.
  13. What if we want to purchase a dog from you for breeding purposes?
    We do not have a ‘breeding-only’ contract.  We have a show contract, which permits breeding by those who are ETHICAL.  If you already have a Siberian who was purchased from a pet store or a back yard breeder, we cannot sell you a show/breeding prospect puppy unless we have proof that your current dog is spayed/neutered. Sometimes, we require co-ownership contracts so that we can monitor the manner in which the dog is bred and ensure they don’t get unscrupulously resold. We would be more than happy to explain our reasons for being strict with our breeding- quality dogs, but if you would like first hand experience in understanding why we do this, please visit your local Siberian Husky rescue organization (as there will undoubtedly be one nearby) or, better yet, offer to foster or rescue some of the unwanted Siberians who have resulted from irresponsible and uneducated breeding practices. If you are truly interested in becoming a REPUTABLE breeder, we’d be more than happy to work with you, or refer you to a mentor in your area.
  14. What kind of food do you feed?
    We feed Pro Plan Puppy Focus Chicken & Rice to puppies and the 30/20 Sport Formula to our adults.